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Architectural Digest: Chicago’s Architectural Marvels

October 9, 2019
Architectural Digest: Chicago’s Architectural Marvels
Chicago featured on architecturaldigest.com

Known as the birthplace of the skyscraper, the city of Chicago as long held a reputation for architectural innovation. In September 2019, Choose Chicago was positioning the city as a must-visit destination for art and architecture enthusiasts with the return of the Chicago Architecture Biennial and EXPO Chicago.

In addition to these two events, we were tasked with promoting a number of new and existing art and architecture attractions throughout the city. While event-specific stories provide pitches with a sense of timeliness, we didn’t want to risk isolating readers who may not be able to visit Chicago during that time of year. We decided to use the two events as news hooks for visiting Chicago in September 2019, while also providing examples of other major architectural sights that travelers could visit regardless of when they are in town.

The SiPP Approach

Architectural Digest was chosen as our target publication due to the outlet’s national audience and sophisticated readership who travel to destinations that are rich in art and architecture experiences.

We provided one of the publication’s contributors with the details of both events and connected her with a representative of the Chicago Architecture Center for an interview focusing on all the architectural sights that travelers can visit throughout the year.

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Chicago Featured in Architectural Digest

The resulting feature story was published on Architectural Digest’s website on September 4, 2019, under the headline Architectural Marvels to See During the Chicago Biennial This Fall, reaching their +1 million monthly online visitors. 

Not only did it mention the Chicago Architecture Biennial and EXPO Chicago, but it also went on the list major partners throughout the city including the Chicago Architecture Center’s “Open House” program, Willis Tower, the Wrigley Building, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rookery Building, hotel partners like the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel and the St. Jane, Marina City, the Merchandise Mart, and more.

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