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AFAR: Fellini’s Museum in Rimini

April 15, 2022
AFAR: Fellini’s Museum in Rimini
Federico Fellini Image courtesy of Walter Albertin, World Telegram staff photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fellini’s Museum in Rimini is a true tribute to the world-famous Italian film director. The city of Rimini, where Federico Fellini was born, remains the tangible inspiration for his distinctive film style.

Consequently, the new Federico Fellini museum is a major highlight for the city!

Part of the museum is set within Castel Sismondo, an almost 600-year-old castle.

Nearby, the Palazzo Fulgor houses original movie scrips, costumes, drawings, photos and clips from many Fellini films. And downstairs, the refurbished Fulgor Cinema is where Fellini first fell in love with American cinema!

Outside, visitors will immerse themselves in video and augmented reality installations in the “Square of Dreams”. The courtyard will feature digital recreations of some of Fellini’s most famous films. This is also an ideal place to host pop-up exhibitions.

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