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America’s Favorite Escapes

January 19, 2021  • 
America’s Favorite Escapes

Americans across the country are eagerly considering their travel options for 2021. If VacationHomeRents’ users are any indication, destinations within a few hours drive of home are likely to be popular options. 

Looking at the user behavior from the five largest cities of VacationHomeRents users, we can see that listings located in smaller towns within a couple hours drive out in nature will be the most popular this year. In each of the five targeted cities, users searched and booked accommodations that were within their home state and could easily be reached within 6 hours by car. 

While the home cities represented a diverse cross section of the United States from East to West, users consistently chose destinations that offered opportunities to get outdoors. Regardless of their location, VacationHomeRents found that the most popular destinations either offered water, like Lake Travis and Big Bear Lake or oceans, like Carova Beach and Huntington Beach, or those out in nature like Yosemite National Park and Colorado Springs which each offer mountains, trails and/or historical sites nearby. 

The below is a list of the top destinations searched and booked for each of VacationHomeRents’ users’ largest home cities along with links to learn more about each destinations and popular listings:

Charlotte, North Carolina:

  1. Lake Lure, NC
  2. Carova Beach, NC
  3. Boone, NC
  4. Lake Glenville, NC
  5. Sunset Beach, NC

Denver, Colorado:

  1. Colorado Springs, CO
  2. Whitney Peak, CO
  3. Shrine Pass, CO
  4. Red Cliff, CO
  5. Gilman, CO

Austin, Texas:

  1. Canyon Lake, TX
  2. Lake Travis, TX
  3. Surfside Beach, TX
  4. Lake Bryan, TX
  5. Galveston, TX

Sacramento, California:

  1. Shasta Lake, CA
  2. Yosemite National Park, CA
  3. Fish Rock, CA
  4. Shaver Lake, CA
  5. Lake Tahoe, CA

Los Angeles, California

  1. Big Bear Lake, CA
  2. Crestline, CA
  3. Lake Arrowhead, CA
  4. Wrightwood, CA
  5. Huntington Beach, CA

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