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BBC Travel: Osiris Tours Shares Insights into Living in Cairo

January 22, 2020
BBC Travel: Osiris Tours Shares Insights into Living in Cairo
BBC Travel: Why 2020 is the year to visit Cairo

As Cairo prepares to welcome the long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum, the question on the minds of many locals remains: what will this new museum do for the country’s tourism industry, particularly in the capital?

Throughout the summer and fall of 2019, there was anecdotal evidence that travel to Egypt for the coming winter 2019-2020 season was finally on track for recovery following the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, which hit the country’s tourism numbers hard and created high inflation for residents. The hope is that visitors coming to see the Grand Egyptian Museum will also have their interest sparked by the surrounding metropolis and all that the largest city in the Arab world has to offer. 

The SiPP Approach

Through our extensive network of media contacts, we identified an opportunity with a US-based BBC writer looking to interview locals on their perspective of living in Cairo. As our client Osiris Tours employs many local guides, we reached out to them with the idea of offering this interview opportunity to one of their best guides, currently based in the city. The journalist was pleased to be connected with a Cairo-based resident who also understood the many facets of Egypt’s tourism industry and what appeals to Western travelers. 

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Osiris Tours Featured in BBC Travel

As a result, the feature story was published on the BBC website on January 13, 2020, under the headline Why 2020 is the year to visit Cairo, reaching their +36 million monthly online visitors. 

Not only did the article quote the Osiris Tours guide extensively, mentioning his thoughts on the new museum, Cairo’s culinary renaissance, and the improving economy, but it also included a link back to the company website.

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