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SmarterTravel: Taking Readers to Nunavik, Québec

September 25, 2019
SmarterTravel: Taking Readers to Nunavik, Québec
Discovering Nunavik - SmarterTravel.com

The Canadian province of Quebec boasts a geographic area that is five times the size of France, yet the vast majority of visitors stick to the regions along the northern and southern shores of the St. Lawrence River. QuébecOriginal, the tourism promotion office for the province of Quebec, wanted to introduce American travelers to the expansive northern region of Nunavik.

Nunavik has been home to the Inuit for centuries. For visitors, that means it’s a region abundant in outdoor adventures, cultural discoveries, and jaw-dropping natural scenery. Québec wanted to highlight Nunavik as a destination where travelers can see the Northern Lights, discover the Inuit culture, go dogsledding, and learn how to build a traditional Inuit igloo.

The SiPP Approach

As an essentially new destination to Americans, the QuébecOriginal and SiPP teams wanted to invite a journalist to experience this expansive region first-hand. We decided to invite SmarterTravel to visit Nunavik because we felt that the region would offer the kind of interesting, immersive and exciting travel adventure that their audience craves.

After connecting one of the editors to a local tourism representative, she was eager to pack her bags! Over the course of a 5-night trip with Inuit Adventures, she learned how to build a traditional Inuit igloo, went ice fishing, traveled by dogsled, and met with Inuit artists to gain a deeper sense of the culture.

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SmarterTravel Introduces Americans to Nunavik, Québec 

SmarterTravel published Discovering the Far North of Quebec: What It’s Like to Spend 24 Hours on the Arctic Tundra on April 17, 2019, to their 1.2 million online readers. The story reads like a primer for visiting the Arctic Tundra for the first time. Opening the story by describing what it was like to wake up in an igloo, the editor writes about this out-of-the-ordinary travel experience that is miles from any civilization. In addition to the written story, SmarterTravel also published a nearly 3-minute video so that readers could truly see what Nunavik, Québec has to offer travelers.  

Read the original story at SmarterTravel.com.